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Management Development & Training Programs


Byblos Institute is offering new training programs for those who need managerial and technical skills to match today’s market challenges.

Well-trained employees at all levels of any organization are integral to achieving its business objectives and raising its business performance. The staff needs up-to-date skills and best practice methods to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. This skill and knowledge building process is an important and valuable ongoing investment in any business. It results in more highly developed skills and higher productivity.

…We will work with you to tailor a program in order to meet your company’s management development goals, timing and budget.

Programs have been designed to help employees develop practical technology skills that are used in the workplace. Programs have also been designed to fit into the company’s schedule.


Training is not simply a transfer of skills or information. It also:

  1. Ensures clear, noticeable results in job performance
  2. Offers employees the opportunity to further develop
  3. Aims to achieve increased productivity
  4. Decreases time spent with poor performers
  5. Improves clarity of priorities
  6. Increases morale and job satisfaction
  7. Reduces staff dissatisfaction and staff loss.

Depending on your workplace, training can be:

  • A skills based session.
  • An information session.
  • A combination of skills and information session.

Training can be done:

  • On-the-job.(On location, where the participant works each day or in special designated areas for demonstration purposes.
  • Off-the-job in special designated areas.
  • Off-the-job training room or in an off-site training area.


Learning activities can be over a relatively short term; two to three-week programs, or may be ongoing over a longer period of time.


Below are some of the companies and establishments that underwent a special training program.

  • American Embassy (Department of general maintenance (Electricity – Building Automation)
  • Switch Group (Department of general maintenance (Electricity)
  • Mitsulift (Welding techniques)
  • Fransabank (Department of general maintenance HVAC – electricity- N+ – A+….)
  • A.N.Boukather / Mazda (Department of mechanical workshop)
  • El Balad newspaper (English for special purposes)
  • Sukleen (Department of mechanical workshop)
  • Almaza (Department of general maintenance)
  • Volvo (Department of mechanical workshop)
  • Nasco (Department of administration)
  • Sukomi (Department of administration)