Why Byblos

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Technology Focused
Emphasis is placed on helping you to begin developing skills and knowledge in technical areas that can have practical value in the workplace.
Besides technical instruction, the courses offered at the institute focus on helping you develop problem solving techniques, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills.

Year-Round Classes 
The programs are available all year around so that you can complete your education and enter the work field faster. You may refer to the admission office anytime for information and registration.

Advisory Committee
Each area of study has its own advisory committee consisting of experts from various business fields. The input from these committees helps the institute in offering a more appropriate education in accordance with the employers’ needs.

Career Services
Career preparation begins from the moment you join the institute. Assistance is offered on job-seeking and job-keeping skills and techniques. In addition, entry level job openings and interview opportunities are advised.

Learn & Apply
Unlike many traditional institutes, where students spend most of their time listening to lectures in most programs, Byblos students also spend considerable time in the lab, where they are encouraged to apply what was taught in the classroom and see for themselves how, why and what makes things work.

We understand the importance of students in most programs being able to benefit from a hands-on learning environment by using equipment that is similar to what is used in industry and work place.

A legal license was granted from the ministry of Education and Higher Education for establishment, investment, curriculum, examinations, and issuing of certificates.

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