Succeeding Today

Succeeding Today

Miled Kordab,
44 years old,
General Electrician,
Miled Kordab Byblos“Not everyone is motivated to continue his studies at the age of 40, but age isn’t an issue for me. What matters is to become the best at what you do and to succeed in it. I work in heating & cooling and I decided to take a course of General Electricity at Byblos Institute, which is complementary to my job.

At the end of the course, I started noticing that my earnings doubled in comparison to last year because I was working in both heating & cooling and electricity at the same time. To stay up to date and learn the latest technologies, I decided to take also the Home Automation course.

I advise the professional people and all my friends in the technical field to choose the leading institute for their studies, and by that I mean: ”Byblos Institute”. The administration and the teachers know how to welcome, counsel and guide all types of students.

Miled Kordab”


Bahaa Mahmoud,
23 years old,
General Electrician,
Bahaa Mahmoud Byblos“I’ve been working in the field of residential electricity for 4 years now. What I’ve noticed is that this specific specialization is in constant evolution on all levels and that my skills and knowledge needed improvement.

Therefore, I decided to join Byblos Technical Institute to learn new techniques and stay up to date. I gained a lot from the technical and scientific sides I’ve learned and thanks to that my performance at work increased considerably. In consequence, my work volume and profits doubled.

I have a huge amount of respect for the administrative team, especially Mr. Ghassan Maalouf for their support, guidance and care.

I also advise every person looking to improve in their field of work, to develop their skills and adjust their level of performance by joining Byblos Technical Institute.

Bahaa Mahmoud”


Marita Bouhya Zoughaib,
24 years old,
Car Electro- Mechanics,

Martia Zoughaib Byblos“Since I was a teenager, I used to dream of working in car mechanics. Even my husband noticed my passion towards cars, so he advised me to go to BYBLOS INSTITUTE and register in car electro-mechanics specialization.

I continued my studies there and I was among top students, throughout my experience in the institute I learned how to have self confidence and how to invest in my abilities. Currently I am working in Peugeot’s garage, but my life dream and what I aim for is to have my own specialized garage for modern cars.
There is no doubt that Byblos Institute has increased my skills and opened to me new horizons in the field that I’ve always loved.

I advise every ambitious person and especially the young ladies to go and learn any kind of technical specialization in order to have the tools and the expertise needed to open their own business.

Marita Zoughaib”