Level of specialization

l Executive secretary
l General accountant
l Chief accountant
l Sales and commercial relationships
l Expert accountant
l Business computer
l Computer and accountancy

Technical/ Industrial:
l General electronics
l Audio-visual technician
l Heating & Cooling
l General electrician & PLC
l Car electro-mechanics
l Computer maintenance A+, N+
l Car electronics
l Car mechanics
l Car diagnostics
l Electronics

Arts/ Esthetics:
l Esthetics
l Make-up – Tattoo – Nails care
l Graphic design
l Photography and video

Languages/ Computer science:
l English language
l English for business – EFB
l English for commerce – EFC
l Spoken  english
l Computer languages:
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Autocad,
Corel draw, Illustrator, Photoshop